Emergency Plan - The Epping School District Emergency Response Plan (ERP) assists in the development and maintenance of emergency response capabilities for the district in the event of an emergency situation.  The Plan describes the capabilities of the district and the information necessary to request additional assistance from the community as required to mitigate the impact. This Plan was developed in coordination with the Town of Epping.  The ERP becomes part of the Epping Emergency Response Plan in which the school district and town work together to respond to an emergency situation. 

The Plan provides general background information pertinent to schools and facilities, their location, potential hazards, emergency response organization and responsibilities to interface with the community in an emergency. 

The purpose of the ERP is to identify and respond to incidents by outlining the responsibilities and duties of the Epping School District and its employees.  The Plan educates staff, faculty, students, and other key stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an incident.  This Plan also provides parents and other members of the community with information about the guidelines and procedures the Epping School District has in place to respond to incidents and/or hazards in an effective way.

District guidelines and procedures for dealing with existing and potential student and school incidents are defined and outlined using an organized, systematic method for mitigation, prevention, preparation, response, and recovery.  Faculty and staff receive training to assess the seriousness of incidents and respond according to established procedures and guidelines.  Specific hazards and threats include:

  • Fire, smoke from a fire, or detection of a gas odor
  • Weather such as severe thunderstorm, tornado, or flooding
  • Hazardous materials
  • Medical emergency such as injury, illness, or death
  • Intruder

Safety Plan - Every Epping employee and student has the right to a work and learning place free from safety and health hazards.  The Epping School District safety program is designed to prevent accidents and illness by promoting safe behavior, safe working and learning conditions, and proactive risk management practices involving employees, students, and administration.



Emergency Management Plan - A copy of the School Board approved Emergency Management Manual is available for review at the Superintendent's Office.

Safety Plan - Please click here to reference the District Safety Plan.

Annual Safety and Emergency Training Plan - The district has a safety and emergency training plan to prepare students, staff, and parents.  This plan is implemented annually.  Please click here for more information.




It is not easy to think about disasters which could affect you or your family.  However, the best defense against any hazard is pre-planning and making realistic decisions about what you may have to do as a family.

Please click on the following link "Preparing for an Emergency: The Smart Thing to Do" to obtain information on making an emergency kit, a family communications plan, a family evacuation plan, and a plan for people with in-home care needs.  This information is provided by the NH Department of Health & Human Services and NH Department of Safety, Homeland Security & Emergency Management.



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