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Parents, guardians, students, and school staff are partners in the Epping School District.  Access to grades and attendance through PowerSchool® is being provided to make learning more transparent, to provide timely evidence of learning, and to facilitate communication about individual student learning.  Ultimately, it is about all of us taking responsibility for student learning. 

 The PowerSchool Guidelines have information on:

  • How to Access the Parent Portal
  • Access & Technical System Information
  • Grading & Attendance Information
  • Communication & Acceptable Use Information

Please click here for a copy of these guidelines.

If you need to reset or request a copy of your username and/or password, please use the Username/Password Request Form



No more remembering usernames and passwords and logging on separately for each of your children.  Following the directions below, you will be able to create a single parent/guardian account that will encompass all of your children’s information.

To access additional support, please review this video tutorial or follow the detailed directions below:

PowerSchool Single Sign on Tutorial for the Parent Portal


From your internet browser, go to the PowerSchool Parent Portal: http://esd.powerschool.com

You will note that the log in screen has changed.  The first thing you have to do is CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  Do not try and log in with your old username and password on this screen; you will receive an error message. 

To create a parent/guardian account, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Name: Your first and last name.
  • Email: Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent/guardian account will be sent to this email.
  • Desired Username: This will be your unique PowerSchool identity.
  • Password: Your password must be at least 6 characters long.
  • Student Access Information: Information for a minimum of one student.  This includes the Parent Web ID and Web Password for each student, and your relationship to this student.  *First and Last name of student MUST be entered EXACTLY as it is in PS and the Parent Web ID and Web Password are case sensitive. These fields must be entered exactly as listed in the document you received from Mr. Repucci.


Once you have created your account and added your child(ren), click ENTER.  You will then be directed back to a log in screen where you will use your NEW Username and Password that you just created.

After logging in, you will see the main Parent Portal screen.  Across the top, you will see a tab for each of your children.  On the left navigation bar there are links to several screens providing information about grading (for Middle and High Schools), attendance, comments, email notifications, etc.

Clicking on the Account Preferences tab on the left brings you to an Account Preferences – Profile screen.  Here you can change your email address, username or password.

Selecting the Students Tab from the Account Preferences screen takes you to a screen where you can add additional children to your account.  Once again, you will need to know the original Parent Web ID and Web Password for that student.  

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