The Epping School District is committed to creating a healthy school environment that enhances the development of lifelong wellness practices to promote healthy habits for students and staff that support student achievement. The Health Office provides the following services.  To view the ESD Comprehensive Health Services Plan, please click here.

  • Health record keeping
  • Health screening and referrals
  • Medications and treatment
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Emergency responses
  • Preventative health services and direct interventions.

WELLNESS - To learn more about the District's Wellness Program, click here.

SCHOOL & FAMILY HEALTH - School Health Offices have been working to reduce illnesses by teaching staff and students how to reduce the spread of germs.  With all of us working together we can keep healthy and limit illness in our schools.  Please:

  • Sneeze and cough using the inside of your elbow
  • Wash hands often using soap and water
  • Stay home when ill!  Everyone needs to be fever free for 24 hours (without using fever reducing medication) before returning to school
  • Stay home 24 hours after antibiotic therapy has been started
  • Let the school know if an absence is due to influenza like illness

HEALTH NOTICES & ADVISORIES The school district receives health notices and advisories periodically from the NH Department of Education and NH Department of Health and Human Services.  

For more information please click on the following NH Department of Health and Human Services links.

LYME DISEASE ADVISORY In May 2015, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services released a new tick disease prevention plan. For more information on the plan, which addresses Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, click here.
IMMUNIZATIONS & PHYSICALS - Epping School District requires all students to meet the immunization and physical examination requirements for school entrance.  Any child being admitted to the District must present proof of meeting the immunization and physical examination requirements within 30 days of entrance.  Failure to comply with this provision may result in exclusion from school for the child.  Please reference Policy JLCA for more information.
Check with your medical provider to see if your child is current with immunizations. 

Click here for information on immunization requirements.  Additional information may also be found on the Department of Health and Human Services Website.  
State law requires all students to have a complete physical examination within a one-year period before first entry to school.  School Board Policy also recommends that a physical examination be performed within 12 months of starting grade 6 and grade 9.  Students must have an up-to-date immunization record and a current physical examination signed, dated, and office stamped by a medical practitioner stating that the student is physically fit to participate in school sponsored sport.  Students entering grade 6 and grade 9 must have a physical examination within one year (12 months) of school start date or sport start date.  Students continuing to participate in the athletic program must be re-examined within two years of the previous physical exam on file.Please reference Policy JLCA for more information.

CONCUSSION TESTING - Due to continuing state and national concern regarding sport-related concussions, the school district will require a baseline concussion test for any athlete participating in sports, and a follow up test for any athlete suspected of having a concussion following a contact or collision. Questions may be directed to the District Athletic Director.  Please reference Policy JLCA and Policy JLCJ for more information.

EXCLUSION OF STUDENTS FROM SCHOOL - A student may be excluded from school when he/she exhibits symptoms of a contagious or communicable illness.  Please reference Policy JLCC for more information.  In the event of an outbreak, students who have been exempted from immunization requirements will be excluded from school if such students are considered to be at risk for the disease that they have not been immunized against.  Please reference Policy JLCA for more information.


Per the NH DHHS website, "NH Medicaid is a federal and state funded health care program that serves a wide range of needy individuals and families who meet certain eligibility requirements. The program works to ensure that eligible adults and children have access to needed health care services by enrolling and paying providers to deliver covered services to eligible recipients." For more information, see  Health Insurance for Children.

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