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Paraprofessional Evaluation and Professional Development

The Epping School District paraprofessional systems have been designed to align and promote synergy with the paraprofessional’s role articulated in the job description, performance articulated in the evaluation system, and learning articulated in the professional development plan.

The Epping School District paraprofessional evaluation model includes the following integral components meeting state requirements while staying true to our educational vision and practices.  Please note that this is only a summary.  For more information please click here for the Paraprofessional Evaluation Model.

Paraprofessionals are subject to a collective bargaining agreement which applies after the employee has completed a ninety (90) calendar days probationary period.  As a result the evaluation model only applies to paraprofessionals that have completed the probationary period. 

An evaluation will be conducted at least once annually or more at the administration’s option with the first being conducted no later than April 30.

Self-Assessment by September 30 - At the beginning of the school year each paraprofessional will review district expectations in the Paraprofessional Job Description and Evaluation and conduct a self-assessment to identify areas for annual professional growth. 

Please click on the associated documents for the position of interest.

Credit Recovery Paraprofessional Job Description
ESOL Paraprofessional Job Description
Kindergarten Paraprofessional Job Description
RTI Paraprofessional Job Description
Special Education Paraprofessional Job Description
School Library & Media Paraprofessional Job Description
School Nursing Assistant Job Description

Student Data - Paraprofessionals will also review student state and/or district assessment data for their individual classroom/caseload and grade level/content area.  The expectation is that each paraprofessional will review this data with his/her professional learning team and identify student learning gaps for their classroom/caseload and grade level/content area.

Goal Setting by September 30 - The Annual Paraprofessional Goal and Action Plan is the document in which paraprofessionals articulate their paraprofessional and team goals using the information gained from self-assessment and student data analysis.  Both team and paraprofessional goals must use the following SMART.

     S - Specific/Strategic - What do you want to measure?  
     M - Measurable - How are you going to measure it?
     A - Action-Oriented - How will you accomplish the goal?
     R - Rigorous, Realistic & Results-Focused - Is this a realistic goal that you can reasonably accomplish?
     T - Timed & Tracked - When will you reach your goal?

Reference Materials - Please reference the following district documents to assist in the goal setting process.

Progress Monitoring by May 30 (March 15 if in certification year) - During the school year paraprofessionals will implement the steps and strategies for goal completion, collect evidence of success, and note the timeline for completion per the Annual Paraprofessional Goal and Action Plan.  Using the Annual Paraprofessional & Student Learning Reflection paraprofessionals will comment on their success and challenges in meeting their goals on paraprofessional and student learning. 

Evaluation by April 30 - The evaluation is the cumulative review of paraprofessional performance over the school year.  The evaluation includes the following components.

  • Meeting the needs of students
  • Assisting in the classroom, library media center, or health office
  • Work habits and behavior
  • Work relationships
  • Contribution to school environment

The following documents will be used.

Paraprofessional Evaluation Model, Document and Forms, & Reference Materials

Professional Development Master Plan, Organization, & Questions

Plan - The PD Master Plan (see link below) documents the process by which Epping School Staff are renewed for NH Department of Education certification.  The Professional Development Master Plan has been approved by NH Department of Education and is in effect until June 30, 2021.

Organization - The Professional Learning Organization Chart shows how professional learning fits into the district organization, what professional learning structures are in place, and what roles these structures play.

Professional Learning Organization Chart

Questions - Questions may be directed to Cathy Zylinski, the Director of Special Services. 

Support Staff Handbook 2018-2019

The Epping School District classifies personnel as professional (salary) and support (hourly).  The contents of the Support Staff Handbook reflect current School Board policies and administrative practices and procedures.  Paraprofessionals are responsible for utilizing this Handbook to become familiar with its information and to understand what is expected as a paraprofessional                                       

Paraprofessionals' Agreement - July 2018 to June 2021
Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Epping Paraprofessional Association represents paraprofessionals, including positions such as aides, media assistants, educational assistants, monitors, tutors, behavior coaches, and nursing assistants.