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Belief Statement - We believe in the potential of every district and school administrator.  The school district is dedicated to providing timely evaluation feedback and professional development resources to improve the learning of both students and staff. We believe that the most promising strategy for achieving this objective is to function as a professional learning community focusing on student learning, collaborative culture, and results. 

Goals, Initiatives, & General Resources - District goals and school initiatives are fundamentally grounded in meeting NH Public School Standards and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Accreditation Standards.  The District's work has been to align our curriculum, assessment, and instruction to these standards.  The recently adopted NH Public School Standards include a competency education system requiring district and graduation competencies, 9-12 curriculum aligned to district and graduation competencies, and K-8 curriculum aligned to district competencies.

The good news is that the District knew this was coming and plans have been underway.  District content and skills competencies have been developed in alignment with state requirements.  The high school has been the first of our schools to implement district competencies in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and reporting.  The middle school is in process.  The elementary school is beginning. 

The District is participating in a state accountability pilot PACE which uses performance tasks as an accountability measure.  This is a positive development because: 1) performance tasks are our next step as we work toward competency education and 2) performance tasks are a measure of real student work and practices.

Below are connections to a few resources showing how district competencies were developed and the history of New Hampshire accountability.  Please keep in mind that performance tasks are the connection.

District Goals, Certified Staff Goals, & Evaluation

PACE Districts Competency Connections

Competency Education In the Epping School District

"A Responsibility System" NH Accountability (PACE)

2021-2022 School Year Calendar 

Administrator Evaluation and Professional Development

The Epping School District is in process of reviewing and refining evaluation and professional development systems for all employees.  This year the teacher systems have been revised to meet new state standards using a model aligning and promoting synergy with the teacher role articulated in the job description, performance articulated in the evaluation system, and learning articulated in the professional development plan.  This model was also used to redesign the paraprofessional systems.  This year one of the district's goals is to develop a similar system for administrators. 

Per state requirements administrators are subject to the District Professional Development Master Plan and follow a process similar to that for teachers.  The state is also in process of developing a leader effectiveness model.  For more information please click here.  This school year the district will be forming an administrative committee to review the state requirements and recommend revisions to the administrative evaluation model.

Self-Assessment  - At the beginning of the school year it is recommended that each administrator: 1)  review district expectations and administrator responsibilities in his/her job description and the core leadership standards and 2) conduct a self-assessment to identify areas for annual professional growth. 

Job Descriptions - Each administrator has a job description outlining district expectations and administrator responsibilities.  Please click on the job description for the position of interest.

Student Services



Student Data - Administrators will also review student state and/or district assessment data for their school and/or district.  The expectation is that each administrator will review this data with his/her professional learning team and identify student learning gaps for his/her school and/or district.

Professional Development Master Plan, Organization, & Questions

Plan - The PD Master Plan (see link below) documents the process by which Epping School Staff are renewed for NH Department of Education certification.  The Professional Development Master Plan has been approved by NH Department of Education and is in effect until June 30, 2021.

Epping School District Master Plan through June 30, 2021

Questions - Questions may be directed to School Staff Development Coordinators who are members of the District Professional Development Committee. 

2021-2022 Employee Handbook

The Epping School District classifies personnel as professional (salary) and support (hourly).  The contents of the Professional Handbook reflect current School Board policies and administrative practices and procedures.  Teachers are responsible for utilizing this Handbook to become familiar with its information and to understand what is expected as a teacher.                    

Administrator's Contract

The administrator's work year, benefits, and conditions of employment are outlined in the administrator's contract with the Epping School District.  Questions may be directed to the Human Resources Office.

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